Friday, 29 May 2009

Kymatik Mix Archive

The Kymatik Mix Archive is now online at Neil Kymatik was a luminary of the Bristol Dubstep scene; co founder of the excellent Soul Motive record label, byte resident and all round good chap. After Kymatik's untimely death earlier this year, some friends got together to provide a fitting tribute to the dubstep don by creating a place where all of his mixes would be permanently archived. My Favourite mix is below but you should take the time to go through the site and explore them all because they're great!

Kymatik - Sundown


01: Forsaken- Into The Sunset
02: Phaeleh ft Ngaio- Fires
03: Darkstar- Lily Liver (Starkey Rmx)
04: Clouds- Protecting Hands Pt 1
05: TRG + Dub U- Losing Marbles (2562 Rmx)
06: Clouds- Protecting Hands Pt 2
07: Peverelist- Infinity Is Now
08: Quark + Ruckspin- Sunshine
09: Forsaken- Last Saloon Swagger
10: Tekton Naggar- Moving On
11: Geiom ft Marita- Reminissin’
12: Hyetal- Gold Or Soul
13: Joker- Snake Eater
14: Pangaea- Router
15: Sully- Phonebox
16: Sines- Test 7 (Hyetal Rmx)
17: Martyn- Vancouver
18: Peverelist- CM3 Skank
19: Goth Trad- Genesis
20: Kryptic Minds- Minor 9 (Headhunter Rmx)
21: Cult Of The 13th Hour- Wickedness
22: Sharmaji- Break Your Heart
23: Silkie- Dam4
24: Coleco- Campfire Funk
25: TRG- Move Dis
26: Unknown- Untitled
27: Joker- 80s
28: Joker + Rustie- Play Doe

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