Monday, 11 May 2009

Do You Want Chips With That?

2009 seems to be the year of 8-Bit. Producers like Quarta 330 and Disrupt have been tearing up dancefloors with their unique blending of bleeps, tones and crunchy white noise beats. The UK is developing its very own chiptune scene and we’re delighted to be able to post tunes by two young Turks of the scene.

First up is Sheffield’s BitSlap. This man of many monikers has been active in the Sheffield music scene for over a decade; first as one of the organisers of near legendary c90 parties and latterly as one of the chaps behind new Squonk Bass night We Wear the Gold with shadowy enigma DJ Derek Tibbs.

Cherry Aid is the sound of the Super Mario Brothers attending a New Orleans funeral. The shuffling halfstep patterns and mournful synth lines clash with a skanking chromatic bass rundown and shuffling white noise snares to create a sound that’s both sombre and slinky.

BitSlap – Cherry Aid

Rochdale’s finest √©migr√© Breakwhore is part of Bristol’s Blunderphonics crew. His tune Greasychipstep is like encountering the final boss from double dragon on the stairs at DMZ.

Breakwhore - GreasyChipStep

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