Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Talented Designer

People have been saying very nice things about the artwork for our new EP so I thought that I should take some time to mention the designer behind the labels. Her name is Anne Larsson and she's a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Sweden whose work is absolutely amazing. When she heard the that the EP was called Ratatosk's Tree she immediately got to work in illustrating the Norse myth. You can see her result here along with the excellent voodoo imagery she did for the other side.

Anne's website is here and you can contact her for commissions here. She also has blogs here and here.

Friday, 17 April 2009

New Bristol artists compilation

VARIOUS / 14 TRACKS - 14 tracks doffing caps to the Bristol new school
Ace new compilation, put together by the folk at 14-Tracks. Check the tracklist and then go treat yourself!
1. PEVERELIST : Gather 06:51
2. ATKI2 : Mercury 05:12
3. RSD : Forward Youth 05:28
4. APPLEBLIM : Vansan ((T++ Remix)) 05:37
5. HEADHUNTER : Paradigm Shift 04:46
6. JOKER & RUSTIE : Play Doe 04:11
7. FORSAKEN : Boat Noodles
8. STP : The Fall (Peverelist Mix) 08:20
9. BASS CLEF : Life's Great In E8 04:52
10. GUIDO : Orchestral Lab 03:44
11. PINCH : Midnight Oil 05:13
12. PHAELEH : Isolate 05:11
13. GATEKEEPER : Tense Past
14. APPLEBLIM & PEVERELIST : Circling 08:41

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Monkey Steak EP.

We've got a Brand New EP about to come out on Chrissy Murderbot's rather wonderful Sleazetone imprint. It's 5 tracks of wonky Bassline, Soca, and Baile Funk put through the Steak House filters.

This is what people are saying about it:

Ratatosk's Tree" EP, their first release for Sleazetone, sees them taking things in a more bassline-oriented direction, with 5 tracks of forward-thinking 4x4 anthems informed by garridge & dubstep, with some Latin-American / Carribean vibes thrown in the mix. “Warpath”, “Sexypumpy”, and “Voodoo is Everywhere” are absolute stormers—heavy-hitting bassline cuts with an abstract bent that will keep the experimental heads’ attention. “Veuve Edouard” is a throbbing bass monster—baile funk meets dubstep production quality. Rounding out the pack, “History!” is a fast-moving soca-influenced dancefloor smasher with some absolutely SICK sub bass.

If you can't wait for the vinyl then you can grab a copy of History right here:

Monkey Steak - History!

Our very dear feline friend Word the Cat put his own unique take on the tune with a chopped and screwed version for all the sizzup heads. You can grab it here:

Monkey Steak Vs The Dream - Falsetto History (Word The Cat Refix)