Friday, 29 May 2009

Kymatik Mix Archive

The Kymatik Mix Archive is now online at Neil Kymatik was a luminary of the Bristol Dubstep scene; co founder of the excellent Soul Motive record label, byte resident and all round good chap. After Kymatik's untimely death earlier this year, some friends got together to provide a fitting tribute to the dubstep don by creating a place where all of his mixes would be permanently archived. My Favourite mix is below but you should take the time to go through the site and explore them all because they're great!

Kymatik - Sundown


01: Forsaken- Into The Sunset
02: Phaeleh ft Ngaio- Fires
03: Darkstar- Lily Liver (Starkey Rmx)
04: Clouds- Protecting Hands Pt 1
05: TRG + Dub U- Losing Marbles (2562 Rmx)
06: Clouds- Protecting Hands Pt 2
07: Peverelist- Infinity Is Now
08: Quark + Ruckspin- Sunshine
09: Forsaken- Last Saloon Swagger
10: Tekton Naggar- Moving On
11: Geiom ft Marita- Reminissin’
12: Hyetal- Gold Or Soul
13: Joker- Snake Eater
14: Pangaea- Router
15: Sully- Phonebox
16: Sines- Test 7 (Hyetal Rmx)
17: Martyn- Vancouver
18: Peverelist- CM3 Skank
19: Goth Trad- Genesis
20: Kryptic Minds- Minor 9 (Headhunter Rmx)
21: Cult Of The 13th Hour- Wickedness
22: Sharmaji- Break Your Heart
23: Silkie- Dam4
24: Coleco- Campfire Funk
25: TRG- Move Dis
26: Unknown- Untitled
27: Joker- 80s
28: Joker + Rustie- Play Doe

Friday, 22 May 2009

Anger Management

Slew Dem's Tempa T has a fierce new tune on garage connoisseur's label of choice no hats no hoods. Next Hype is grime at its angriest, Tempz spitting pure venom over a stripped back synth and kick drum rhythm. Pure Grime bombast with a great video featuring the big dog Westwood.

Plastician, Brackles, and Scratcha DVA are on remix duties. Scratcha takes the original and pushes it an even darker direction, all shuddering bass and broken arcade machine synths sparing with Tempa's vocals over a skanking grimestep beat. This tune will destroy any dance you'll be at over the summer:

Tempa T - Next Hype (Scratcha DVA mix)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

He Bangs the Drums

DJ Zhao from Berlin's Ngoma Sound System crew has been making waves with his Global Bassweight series of mixes recently. Ngoma, according to their blog are:

"Ngoma: Swahili word meaning Drums, Dance, and Song. Soundsytem: The positive side of globalization-- bass culture and musical heritage fuse; ultra-modern riddims meet the wealth of local flavors; irresistable next-level urban dance music arise on every continent. India, Cuba, Tanzania, Egypt, Cape Town, these are just a few destinations where wild styles are born, crucial new scenes thrive - places out of reach to most - NGOMA ambassadors of funk bring the heat from party hotspots across the known world - the wickedest beats and sweetest flows."

Zhao's mixes effortlessly fuse the sounds of the Global South with UK and Eurocentric Garage, Dubstep, Grime and Funky house riddims to create a sound that straddles genres and continents with ease, dropping sonic bombs that destroy dancefloors from London to Kinshasa to Denpasar and back again.

All of Ngoma's mixes are pure fire but my favourite is the Fusion Part 1 mix which takes traditional and contemorary music from places like Turkey, Indonesia, and Ethiopia and places it alongside heavyweight riddims by the likes of Pinch, Danny Weed, Wiley and Shackleton.

You can stream it from Get Darker here:

Ngoma Sound System - Fusion 1

Or you can Grab the mp3s here (Part A) and here (Part B)


01 Intro
02 Deadbeat - Lost Luggage / Indonesia traditional - Spring Water
03 itoa - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Dub Band D1 / Indonesia traditional - Morning Sun
04 Balwinder Safri - Karve Da Din / 2562 - Basin Dub
05 Iran Traditional - Zeybek / Dj Hatcha - Chillz
06 The Mahotella Queens - Muntu Wesilisa / Wiley - Bang Bang Instrumental
07 Turkia Traditional - Kervan / L-Wiz - Fruit Shop
08 Indonesia Traditional - Sanda Kandung / Grime instrumental
09 Benga - Half Ounce / Burundi Traditional bernadette ii
10 Indonesia Traditional - Ngantosan / Mark One - Slang
11 Danny Weed - Dirty Den / Huseyin Ali Riza Albayrak - Ey Zahid
12 African Headcharge - Belinda / Blir - 19_4_04
13 Kode 9 - Magnetic City / Akhenation - 361 Degrees
14 Pinch - Qawwali / Toshinori Kondo - Fukotsu
15 Indonesia Traditional / L-Wiz - Fruit Shop
16 The Mahotella Queens - Ndodana Yolahleko / Skream - Skunkstep
17 Circle - Memo / Even Order
18 Hiripsime - ces femmes qui me ressemblent / Cyrus - Random Trio - Bounty
19 Hijak - Nightmares / ø - Toisaalia
20 Ana Whabibi - Mahmoud Fadi (interlude)
21 The Mahotella Queens - Amezemula / Iron Soul - Slo Moshun
22 African Headcharge - Run Come Saw / DQ1 - Wear The Crown
23 Indonesia Traditional - Padang Magek / Omen - Rebellion
24 Mulatu Astatge - Kulunmanqueleshi / Dj Hatcha - Just a Rift
25 Loka - Fire Shepherds / L-Wiz - Fruit Shop
26 Loka - Fire Shepherds / Dubwoofa - Devoliz

Zhao's other mixes are equally great and can be downloaded here:

DJ Zhao - Ngoma Vol 1

DJ Zhao - Ngoma Vol 2

DJ Zhao - Ngoma Vol 3

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dragonfly release / Ruffnek Diskotek Mega Bashment

I'm delighted to announce that the good folk at Terminal Dusk have just released my tune "Dragonfly" on their latest 12" compilation Viridian. The track features an original vocal by Bihani Sarkar, from a recording session which originally came about when my twin brother and I collaborated on a play soundtrack about 5 years ago! So far, the record is available from Juno, Chemical and Redeye. You can also check out a a VJ piece made by TheDave on YouTube featuring the full track here.


If you're in Bristol this weekend, make sure you get down to Ruffnek Diskotek at the Black Swan! As usual, we've put together a massive line up :) I'm particularly excited about catching future Steak House collaborater Mr Gasparov who has put together a very special live show for the night! Also, headliner Ghislain Poirer is currently giving away an awesome remix/mashup, using the Wha-La-La-Leng riddim from his ep Soca Sound System (out now on Ninja Tune) and the acapella of Major Lazer feat. Mr. Lexx and Santigold. Seriously get downloading, this tune is BIG!

Major Lazer feat Santogold and Mr Lexx - Hold the Line (Poirier Remix)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Do You Want Chips With That?

2009 seems to be the year of 8-Bit. Producers like Quarta 330 and Disrupt have been tearing up dancefloors with their unique blending of bleeps, tones and crunchy white noise beats. The UK is developing its very own chiptune scene and we’re delighted to be able to post tunes by two young Turks of the scene.

First up is Sheffield’s BitSlap. This man of many monikers has been active in the Sheffield music scene for over a decade; first as one of the organisers of near legendary c90 parties and latterly as one of the chaps behind new Squonk Bass night We Wear the Gold with shadowy enigma DJ Derek Tibbs.

Cherry Aid is the sound of the Super Mario Brothers attending a New Orleans funeral. The shuffling halfstep patterns and mournful synth lines clash with a skanking chromatic bass rundown and shuffling white noise snares to create a sound that’s both sombre and slinky.

BitSlap – Cherry Aid

Rochdale’s finest émigré Breakwhore is part of Bristol’s Blunderphonics crew. His tune Greasychipstep is like encountering the final boss from double dragon on the stairs at DMZ.

Breakwhore - GreasyChipStep

(now streaming)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New Starkey Mix

The chaps over at PDXinDub have been kind enough to post future Steak House collaborator Starkey's recent live mix from their Various night in Portland, Oregon. The mix contains more exclusives and dubs than you can shake a speaker at and Starkey reckons its one of his favourite sets he's played. You can grab it in full 320 glory here:

Starkey live @ Various 11th April 2009

You can also pick up Starkey's fierce new mixtape
here or here.

TRACKLIST: Starkey @ Various:

01 - Starkey "Fidelio"
02 - Ray Keith "Something Out There (DZ remix)"
03 - AC Slater "Calm Down"
04 - Starkey ft. Durrty Goodz "Gutter Music"
05 - DZ & Kozee "Crack"
06 - Blackheart "Jupiter"
07 - Starkey "Pressure"
08 - Starkey "Beatingz"
09 - Starkey "Gritty"
10 - General Midi & Foreign Beggars "4 Million Ways (Ginz's Purple
11 - Joker & Ginz "Re-Up"
12 - Tempa T "Next Hype (Starkey remix)"
13 - Starkey "Dementia"
14 - Jamie Vex'd "Radiant Industry"
15 - Starkey "Creature"
16 - Pinch "Attack of the Giant Killer Robot Spiders!"
17 - Starkey "Pleasure Points"
18 - MOVES!!! "All Skate"
19 - Scarlet Harlots "Backlash (Raffertie remix)"
20 - The Brown Acid "Try Humanity (Starkey remix)"
21 - Numan "Skull Crusher"
22 - Stagga "Timewarp (remix)"
23 - Starkey "Dark Alley"
24 - Joker & Gemmy "Electric Wow"
25 - Nocturnal "Factory Settings"
26 - Stature "Gardener's World"
27 - EPROM "Humanoid Dub"
28 - Starkey "Murderous Words"
29 - Starkey "Starting Gates"
30 - Slugabed "Ultra Heat Treated"
31 - Starkey "Miracles (Jamie Vex'd remix)"
32 - Starkey & Ginz "Purple City"
33 - Starkey "Striking Distance"
34 - Kito "To the Floor"
35 - J-Sweet "Kerb"
36 - Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle "Club Games"
37 - Starkey "Swollen Glands"
38 - T-Pain "Chopped & Skrewed"
39 - Starkey "Gutter Music VIP"
40 - Slugabed "Sun Too Bright Turn It Off"