Tuesday, 30 March 2010

STEAK 002 in The State.

Nice review of Steak 002 in this months Dance round up in The State:

"If you really want to push it to fever pitch, try the aptly named ’Hyped Up EP’ by Monkey Steak on Steakhouse Records. The title track sees MC Zulu whipping up the crowd in hyped up Soca fashion. If you are not in the mood for Zulu’s chirpy party banter, try the instrumental mix, which is called ‘Bombeiros! ‘. ‘Haarlem Drift’ on the flip combines the booming bass drum and rolling snares of UK Funky with a hint of deep, Detroit style chords and ‘Tigris Rhythm’ combines Funky with Bollywood. A stonkingly good debut by Monkey Steak, aka Atki2 and Hanuman, who recently scored with ‘Tigerflower’ and ‘Bola’ respectively."

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