Monday, 29 March 2010

Mix Monday: El-B ... El-Cumbia!

El-B is an absolute virtuoso of rhythm; for my money his 2step beat constructions are among the most infectious and irresistible dance patterns in electronic music out there. In recent interviews he has been promising the next development of his sound, an amalgamation of UK Funky riddims and the more organic instrumentation of cumbia, merengue and salsa. And anyone who's heard or danced to his new "Que Papa Pasi" beat will know just how big this new stuff is...

Joe Muggs at Very Very Much managed to twist El-B's arm into recording a special mix of Colombian beats for his site at the end of last year; and now that spring has officially started, the evenings are getting lighter and the clocks have moved forward, this selection with its promise of hot summer nights, sizzling dance halls and pina coladas has got me seriously hyped.

El-B himself says that these tunes make "you have to move a hip or an elbow or something", and I completely agree. You can also really see how these styles have influenced that incredible command of rhythm that drives El-B's own productions.

El-B - Mundo Musica Cumbia Mix

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