Monday, 17 August 2009

Steak House Records - STEAK 001

Its finally happening. STEAK 001 is coming out! The first record on our own imprint is on its way. Distributed by ST Holdings its due out in late September or early October and its pure carnival fire! Read on for more info and to hear the tunes. Feel free to leave us some comments we'd love to know what you think.

STEAK 002 and STEAK 003 soon come!

STEAK 001 brings together the hottest Global Bass talent from the Iberian Peninsula: Octa Push and Mr Gasparov.

Mr. Gasparov is Lisbon’s premier purveyor of Intelligent Bass Music. Using graphics tablets, midi controllers and a synth made from an old McDonalds till point, Mr Gasparov makes intricate, bass heavy dub techno / two step crossovers that will destroy any dancefloor with enough detail to keep the experimental heads attention.

‘1975′ is a slow build 2step workout with skittery beats and thumping sub that delivers in all the right places. Think El-B meets Aphex Twin under a tropical sky.

Mr Gasparov - 1975

Mr Gasparov - 1975 by Steak House Records

Octa Push were formed when Portuguese Bass Music pioneer Conspira challenged producers Mushug and Dizzycutter to join forces and create a totally live dance music project. Their unique fusion of Bashment, UK Garage and Dubstep with other elements like Afrobeat and Techno has put them at the forefront of the Iberian electronic music scene with explosive performances at places like SONAR, Glade, and Fabric.

Ai Nadia is a throbbing afro-step monster. Shuddering sub bass and chanted vocals collide to create something very special indeed.

Octa Push - Ai Nadia

Octa Push - Ai Nadia by Steak House Records

‘Laika Likes it’ combines sweet female vocals, broken garage beats, and pounding bass to devastating effect. This is a tune firmly for the hips.

Octa Push - Laika Likes It by Steak House Records

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