Saturday, 1 August 2009

Original Chappa - High Grade

The guys from Gothenburg's Blenda Sound just sent through some mp3s of a new project they've been working on. They've hooked up with vocalist Original Chappa to produce Block Corner, his debut album. From what I've heard of the album so far its going to be big; dirty electronic bass and upfront dancehall beats sweetenened with dubby keys and Chappa's soulful vocals. Killer

High Grade is unsurprisingly a paean to reggae's favourite herb. It's a fiery bashment number with a killer bassline and you can grab it here:

Original Chappa - High Grade

In other news, we've just started a youtube channel. At the moment its only got a couple of Glade videos up there (including Brother Wetlands getting sexy here) but we'll be adding all the forthcoming tunes in the Steak House stable very soon. You can have a look here:

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