Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Zarbak Mr Gasparov Remix

Mr Gasparov's killer remix of Pocz and Pacheko's Zarbak for free, are you mad? Clearly the good people at Senseless Records and Fact Magazine are, and I'm linking this straight up here on the Steak House Blog too:

Pocz & Pacheko - Zarbak (Mr Gasparov Remix)

Yep, we love Mr (Pedro) Gasparov's beats here at the Steak House, and putting 1975 on vinyl was one of the reason's we started this label in the first place.

Pedro's also behind booking the first full Steak House showcase, which will be happening at this year's Boom Festival in Portugal. Baobinga, Octa Push, Mr Gasparov (of course), Monkey Steak, and even MC Zulu to host - full Steak House crew in full effect on the Friday night. But more info on that to follow....