Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Jumping Back Slash: Exclusive Indlovu Iyajaiva Mix.

This week is an excellent one for Global Bass Music. Not only do we have the previews for STEAK 003 up but we've just heard that one of our very favourite labels have a new release due out on the 21st June. Pollinate Records, the London based label responsible for the killer Ibhithi series of tunes recently had been keeping a few tricks up their sleeves for this, their first full release since 2008's The Artworks Formerly known As Prints. Turns out that the Ibhithi tracks that we heard earlier in the year were just the tip of the tropical...ahem...iceberg. There's a full Ibhithi release on the way with a clutch of hot new afro-house beats as well as fattened up, remastered versions of the earlier tracks for those not fortunate enough to grab them previously.

The excellently monikered Jumping Back Slash is the man behind the Ibithi series. Hailing from the frozen tundra of Wigan in the north of England, he currently resides in Capetown, South Africa. His tunes marry the heavy kwaito grooves of his adopted homeland with a classic house sensibility and killer bassines. This is a record not to sleep on.

To celebrate the release, JBS and Pollinate have kindly given us an exclusive mix for the blog of some of the hottest kwaito and underground house tunes from South Africa at the moment.

The mix is the perfect antidote to the banality of the 'official' World Cup anthems by K'Naan and Shakira.

Grab it below and play it LOUD!


Intro (Nkosi Sikelele Africa - Mahotella Queens)
DJ Tapatso - Dictionary Remix
DJ Mu Elvan - Bass To Bass
DJ Pacco - Lady Senbone
DJ Bazzy - Sun Of The Soil
DJ Mike Vs DJ Pacco - Slow Poison (Snake)
DJ Pacco - Destroyer
DJ Mike - Dzudza Mazeze
DJ Adjuster - I Am King
DJ Adjuster - Marathon
DJ Call Me - Mama, I'm Sorry

JUMPING BACK SLASH - INDLOVU IYAJAIVA [Mix for Steak House] by Pollinate


  1. where do you get this tracks from ? I want to buy some fresh tunes - Im making a kwaito night in a couple weeks - need some tunes ! big up