Saturday, 10 April 2010

Luke's Anger - Gift Horse EP

To my delight, I've just discovered that Luke Sanger aka Luke's Anger (producer and owner of the Bonus Round record label) is currently giving away a free 4 track EP on his website.

I'm a huge fan of Luke's style of techno - it's unhinged and unpredictable; it sounds squelchy and organic, like it's been made on vegetable synths and wooden drum machines. Oh, and the bass, the bass! I'm finding it hard to pick a favourite from Gift Horse, but I'm a sucker for "xOx Swamp", it has this irrepressible, nutty, screw-face groove - when the track came on shuffle as I was driving to work this morning, I caught myself somewhat carried away and 10 mph over the speed limit. That said, just check out those subs in "Gone Phishing", boom!

Big download for this gorgeous sunny weekend, get on it!

Luke's Anger - Gift Horse EP

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  1. Thanks for sharing, guys. Loving Mr Anger, looking forward to checking this freebie!