Friday, 15 January 2010

Steak House Family 12" on Idle Hands

This morning, I was excited to find that the second 12" on Idle Hands went on sale at Rooted Records yesterday. For those who may not yet know, this is the first 12" to feature all the Steak House crew on production duties!

A1 - Hanuman - Bola (Atki2 remix)
B1 - Atki2 and Dub Boy - Tigerflower
B2 - Atki2 and Dub Boy - Tigerflower (Grievous Angel remix)

Clips for all the tracks can be heard on the Idle Hands myspace. Those wanting to check the original Bola (fine tune it is too!), I believe there's another Sleazetone 12" in the works featuring said track and more remixes (Murderbot, Kanji Kinetic and Star Eyes if memory serves). But for now, I'm very content to have my version cut loud and proud on Bristol wax!

Tigerflower, I believe, was made about two years ago now, when Dubbers and I first stumbled across some Marcus Nasty mixtapes. It was a little while before we were really aware of what UK Funky was, and I remember he and I had several long (and probably quite tedious) conversations trying to work out whether what we were hearing was dancehall, or house, or garage, or quite what. Anyway, we both agreed that we should get in the music room and have a go at bashing some these beats out ourselves and so Tigerflower was the result. Looking back, it was definitely a significant moment getting Dub Boy working on production this time! Big ups to you mate, I still look back on that session fondly, and hopefully next time we'll get you pushing the buttons as well as rolling the joints! ;)

As for the Grievous Angel remix, I can't shed any further light on that one, other than to suggest listening to the clips, dropping it in the clubs and letting it work its magic! Paul has the Midas touch when it comes to bashment funky bangers.


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